Jun 10, 2018 | Larry Burden

Time and Vision

Whenever God reveals His purposes through visions and directives, there will always be a timing connected to the full manifestation of that vision. Such was the case with Habakkuk. He cried out to the Lord regarding the lawless condition of Judah. He could not understand how God could tolerate the violence and corruption in the nation. He sat himself to seek the Lord for an answer. 

The Lord responded to Habakkuk in a vision. He further instructed him to record that vision on tablets so that the generations that followed could read it and run with it. God also made it clear that the vision was for an appointed time and would hasten toward fulfillment. Meanwhile, Habakkuk was instructed to wait for the perfect timing established by the very wisdom of God Himself. He made it clear that the vision not be denied!

Vision and timing are important spiritual concepts. God’s spoken word blows like His breath to perform that word’s intent. Once his word is released, it is set into motion and cannot be stopped. It is up to us to receive the word, embrace it, and flow with it in faith to see its ultimate fulfillment. 

Pastor Larry’s message will inspire you to never let go of God’s promises and purposes for your life. His word over you is in motion and cannot be stopped! Receive it. Believe it. Never let go of it! 

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God is doing a new thing in the earth today! It won't resemble the old season because its a new era of time. As you listen to this series, allow God to give you a new vision for your life, and a new direction for your destiny.

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