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Jul 26, 2020 | Kevin Whitt

The Battle Over Gender Identity

In this teaching, Kevin Whitt gives his testimony of how Jesus saved him out of the homosexual lifestyle.

Kevin Whitt is the Assistant Director of Texas MassResistance, a powerful pro-family organization in the state of Texas. Kevin is a former Drag Queen who lived the homosexual and transsexual lifestyle for over 22 years. Today, Kevin leads in the fight for truth regarding the anti-family agendas driven by the Left and its LGBTQ education legislations.

Kevin has testified in the Texas Legislature against anti-therapy bills that would ban talk therapy for people who have been sexually molested and as a result have unwanted homosexual or transgender feelings. These bills, along with other anti-family legislations and programs that target the sexualization of children, are being pushed by the LGBT lobby across the country. Kevin has also organized protests against Drag Queen Story Hour events and stood up against the shut-down of businesses in Texas.

Kevin’s story of salvation and freedom through Christ shatters the false narrative promoted by the LGBT advocacy that rests on people believing they are all “born that way” and can’t change. Kevin’s powerful transformation is a compelling example that change is possible and fulfilling. His vocal pro-family activism is a call for Christians to no longer be silent as children are being lured into the homosexual and transsexual lifestyles by LGBT activists. Kevin is a voice for change for such a time as this.

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This series is designed to help families stay strong in changing times. It focuses on building strong kids, winning the battle for identity, reaching those who are struggling with gender identity and their sexuality, as well as how to battle for the education mountain and take civic action in our education system.

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