Feb 02, 2020 | Willy Burden

It Starts With Me

To share the love of God with others, we must learn to receive His love for ourselves. 

Loving ourselves does not come easy. In our human predisposition, we feel we don't measure up. We entertain fear and doubt because we feel we are inadequate. 

In the Bible, there was a person who struggled with this very same problem. His name was Peter. In this message, Pastor Willy uses the example of Peter's life to show us how the love of Jesus can change our life!

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There has been no better time to share the love of Jesus with others than right now. Everyone today is craving connection and community. However, before we can share the love of God with others, we must first learn how to receive His love for ourselves. In this series, we will focus on what the love of God is, how you can receive it, and how you can give it to others. 

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