Growing in God

Mar 22, 2020 | Brandon Burden

Coronavirus: What This Means for Us (Part 1)

Coronavirus is not the beginning of the Great Tribulation, but it is the end of the world as we know it. Christ has not come to take us home, but He has come to judge institutionalized evil, establish those who are His, and unfold His kingdom plan. 

God is judging old structures in the earth right now, specifically the Jebusite spirit. The Jebusite spirit is one that has trampled down the body of Christ under a spirit of heaviness and negativity. It crushes our hopes and dreams, and keep us contained through discouragement and despair. 

However, the God news is that God is judging this spirit right now! In this message, Pastor Brandon gives several keys for defeating the Jebusite spirit in your life, and teaches you how to release God's glory in greater measure by crossing over into the Zion realm. 

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In the Growing in God series, you will hear present truth that God is speaking right now. Did you know that before you WERE, you already EXISTED? Many years ago, a meeting took place. God the Father was there, God the Son was there, and God the Holy Spirit was there, and guess what? You were there, too! In this series you will hear deep revelation like this and more that will forever impact your outlook on your life, your purpose, and your destiny. 

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