Current Series


We are so excited about what God is doing in our city and community because God has prophesied that it is harvest time! As you listen to this series, let your passion for harvest be strengthened and let faith arise! 

Revival at the Gates

There has never been a more important time for Christians to engage with civil government than right now! It is time for Christians to be the voice in culture and the influence at the polls. In this series, you will learn how you can be that.

Fuel the Fire

Fire is a substance that needs three components in order to burn. In this series, you will discover the three components of spiritual fire, and how to burn in your relationship with God. 

Empowering Family Life

This series is designed to help families stay strong in changing times. It focuses on building strong kids, winning the battle for identity, reaching those who are struggling with gender identity and their sexuality, as well as how to battle for the education mountain and take civic action in our education system.

Focus on the Family

God said that we are to let down our locks and go to war for the family. May is the month to believe for household salvation. In this series, you will hear about how God is intent on reaching the next generation. 

New Life

We are truly living in historic times. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have truly never needed God more than we do right now. In this series, Pastor Brandon talks about using this opportunity to redeem the time. God is using the coronavirus to reset the clock for us, and we need to buy up the time as we spend our life for His purpose. Receive new life today, and let God use you in this next outpouring of His power and glory! 

News Clips

God is using KingdomLife to make an impact in our community. Check out the latest clips of KingdomLife in the news!

A Hopeful Future

==> Why hasn't Jesus returned as predicted?
==> Why hasn't the Great Tribulation taken place?
==> Why should we not fear the mark of the beast or 666?

For answers to these questions and more, listen to our Hopeful Future Bible study!

Growing in God

In the Growing in God series, you will hear present truth that God is speaking right now. Did you know that before you WERE, you already EXISTED? Many years ago, a meeting took place. God the Father was there, God the Son was there, and God the Holy Spirit was there, and guess what? You were there, too! In this series you will hear deep revelation like this and more that will forever impact your outlook on your life, your purpose, and your destiny. 


There has been no better time to share the love of Jesus with others than right now. Everyone today is craving connection and community. However, before we can share the love of God with others, we must first learn how to receive His love for ourselves. In this series, we will focus on what the love of God is, how you can receive it, and how you can give it to others. 


God has spoken that revival is coming to the North Dallas metro. Are you ready? 

In this series, Pastor Brandon shares the prophetic word concerning revival over Dallas and what we need to do in order to prepare. 


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