We’ve been closely tracking the news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) both locally and globally. As you’re likely aware, there are only three confirmed cases in Frisco.  Those three individuals were all in the same family...

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    Dealing with Bitter Roots

    05.17.17 | Restoration | by Larry Burden

    Bitter roots are defined as sinful reactions to painful events. Bitter roots express themselves as condemning judgments of people or the refusal or inability to forgive those who have hurt us. They manifest as names or careless words that we have...

    Introducing the Orphan Heart

    05.16.17 | Restoration | by Larry Burden

    Fatherlessness has become an epidemic in our nation. Millions of children are born into chaotic homes where their parents are irresponsible or absent. We can only guess how many runaways and those targeted for sex trafficking come from broken...

    Healing the Orphan Heart

    05.15.17 | Restoration | by Larry Burden

    Healing the soul is both an event and a process. While the initial breakthrough can be instantaneous, time and patience are required for healing to be completed. Healing The Orphan Heart is no different; it, too, is an event and a process.

    The Orphan Heart Defined

    05.15.17 | Restoration | by Larry Burden

    Simply stated, the orphan heart is a learned behavior that becomes entrenched in the internal paradigm or mind-set. The source of this is deep wounding that most commonly occurs from the father. These deep wounds release a host of emotions in the...

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