Kingdom Village Homeschool Academy

Kingdom Village Homeschool Academy

Who We Are

Kingdom Village Homeschool Academy falls under the umbrella of KingdomLife Church. Our mission is to mentor and support families who homeschool their children in Frisco and surrounding communities, so that the Lord Jesus Christ is glorified in our families, in the church, and in our community. We want Kingdom Village to be more than just an academy. We hope it will be a place for families to receive tools and resources to effectively equip and train their children and for students to learn subjects with a biblical and kingdom perspective.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of our academy is threefold: (1) to supplement subjects taught at home, (2) to provide encouragement and fellowship for homeschooling families within KingdomLife Church and beyond our church family, and (3) to provide ways in which we can reach out and serve our communities.

Servant Leadership/Community

Kingdom Village will make servant leadership and community a priority. Each month we will plan a field trip and/or a service learning project.


  • Starting in September 2021, we will meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • We are accepting grades 1 - 12.

  • We offer classes for ages 3 - 5 for enrolled siblings.

  • We are a drop-off but we also love and encourage parent volunteers.
  • We offer a full day that includes History, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Bible, Science, and more!

  • We will offer training seminars throughout the year to help support parents with beneficial resources.

Tuition & Fees

Starting September 2021, we will offer families One-Day or Two-Day Options:


Tuition: $300/per month/per family

Supply & Curriculum Fee: $175/per year/per family


Tuition: $500/per month/per family

Supply & Curriculum Fee: $325/per year/per family

If you would like additional information, please email us at  

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