Passing Through Heaven’s Veil – Part 2

In our blog post titled “Passing Through Heaven’s Veil” dated 7/13/10, we wrote that “there is a very thin veil that separates heaven’s realm from earth’s realm”…and that “we, as sons of the Most High God must learn how to pierce that veil each and every day and bring heaven to earth.”  Never before has this been truer than in the day in which we are living.  As a follow-up to our previous post, we are calling this blog post “Passing Through Heaven’s Veil – Part 2.” In this post, we will learn:

  1. Why we will never find what we are looking for in the religious systems of man.
  2. Why heaven’s realm is closer than it appears to our natural understanding.
  3. How to pierce the veil of heaven and walk on the other side.
  4. Why “being” is better than “doing” in the kingdom of God.

Let’s start with Principle # 1 – We will never find what are looking for in the religious systems of man. Many of us who have been born again for any length of time at all have found ourselves involved in religious systems. It begins with us being lost as sinners. We are shrouded in darkness looking for the light.  Then one day Jesus comes along and saves us. We are born again. We have our ticket to heaven. We are excited. Things that looked so bleak begin to look so exciting as we view life through a new set of lenses. So what happens? A pastor, a family member, a friend, a television evangelist, or a spouse tells us that we need to get “involved” in a local church where we can learn and grow. So we “plug in.” We find a local church and we get involved.  We serve in the children’s ministry.  We help out with the teens.  We sing on the worship team or join the choir. We find a men’s group, a women’s group, a single’s group, or a young married’s group and we join it. And we’re off to the races! We are excited about our spiritual growth. We love our church. We praise our pastor. We can’t talk enough about how great our worship team is. Then one day it happens. A leader falls into sin. A small group leader lets us down. A brother in the Lord stabs us in the back. We find that we have an offense with someone in the body. And it grows and grows and grows until we become disillusioned and we quit. We quit the whole thing and we adopt the mindset that it’s all bogus and all a bunch of lies. Sound familiar? Sound like about half the American church today?

So what happened? Somewhere along the way, we got our eyes off the Lord and we got them onto man. Somewhere along the way, the enemy of our soul offered us some bait and we took it. Somewhere along the way, we stopped connecting with the source and we started connecting with the conduit through which the source was flowing. Somewhere somehow we got ourselves trapped in the religious systems of man and we didn’t even know we were being trapped. Somewhere somehow we began to exhibit the same patterns that Israel did in the Old Testament when they got their eyes off of God and got them onto earthly kings and earthly kingdoms, and they began to worship other gods and call it “God.”  How many of us out there are worshipping “other” gods, but we are calling them by the name of the One True God? Somewhere somehow we have to get the revelation that there is only one Person who can satisfy the craving of our heart and soul and it’s Jehovah God.  A religious system will never fill this void for us. We’ve got to break free of the trap.

Principle # 2 – Heaven’s realm is closer than it appears to our natural understanding. Now that we understand we can’t find what we are looking for in a religious system, we must next understand that what we are looking for can only be found in heaven’s realm. There comes a point where we must “exit” earth’s realm and get into “heaven’s” realm. This can’t be done through religious rote and exercise. Even though there are many good teachings out there about going through the exercise of entering the outer court, then the inner court, and then the holy of holies in order to get into the presence of God, we need to understand that heaven is not an exercise. Heaven is a place. It is a realm beyond time. It is a place where we can go, and it is also a place where we can live even while we are here on the earth. And this realm of heaven is much, much closer than what meets the natural eye. If you look at the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6, you will see that Jesus prayed that the Father’s kingdom would come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This passage of Scripture reveals that there are two worlds (or realms) that we are dealing with on a daily basis.  There’s earth’s realm and there’s heaven’s realm. Jesus did not see these two worlds as separated, but rather as connected.

The next thing that we need to understand about heaven’s realm is that we can live in both earth’s realm and heaven’s realm at the same time through Christ. We have access to these realms anytime we want. Jesus is our access card (our passport) to these realms. If you look in Ephesians 1:3, Paul writes, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.” If you look up this word “blessing” in the Greek, it literally means “all divine privileges and all supernatural resources available to us now.” Literally, there is a realm in which we can have constant 24/7 access to supernatural resources. We have access to power. We have access to love. We have access to healing. We have access to deliverance. We have access to restoration. We have access to peace. We have access to the very throne of God itself. But we have to learn to access this realm. There is a veil or a very thin screen that must be passed in order to access this place (see “Passing Through Heaven’s Veil – Part 1″).

Principle # 3 – How do we pierce the veil of heaven and walk on the other side? The only way to pierce the veil of heaven is through the operation of the Holy Spirit. No amount of trying to work things in the flesh will give you access to heaven’s realm. God has provided a door whereby we can access heaven. You don’t have to work to get through this door. You just have to grab a hold of the One who has already gone through this door and is waiting for us on the other side–Jesus. Matthew 9 talks about the woman who had the issue of blood for twelve years. She had spent everything she had (in the natural), but yet the doctors couldn’t find a cure to her problem. Finally, one day she pressed through the crowd (the veil) and she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was made completely well. What happened in this story? This woman learned how to pierce the veil of earth life and access the divine privileges and supernatural resources of heaven life. She believed. She exercised her faith. And she crossed over to the other side. And when she did, she found what she was looking for. Saints, what you are looking for is on the other side of the veil. You’re not going to find what you’re looking for until you cross over to the other side. Like the woman with the issue of blood, you must learn to lay hold of the Holy Spirit and cross through the veil until you’ve laid hold of the hem on Jesus’ garment.

Principle # 4 – Why is “being” better than “doing” in the kingdom of God? After you learn that you don’t have to “work” to get into a place with God, you’ll begin to discover that “being” is better than “doing” in the kingdom of God. If it had been up to the woman with the issue of blood to work her way over onto the other side, she would have never made it. There was nothing that she could do to “work” her healing. She just had to believe. She had to reach out and touch Jesus. She had to press through the crowd (her flesh) in order to get to the other side. The works of the flesh will leave you no better than the way you are when you start working things in the flesh. You can “work” all day long to “get” into the presence of God, and yet be no closer than when you started. You can “work” all day to study your Bible, reading page after page, and yet be no closer to having revelation about what you’re reading. You can “work” your whole life to do right and please God, yet be no closer to Him than when you first began. The kingdom of God is more about “being” than it is about “doing.” Religious systems and the standards of man will tell you that you must work your way into the kingdom of God, but folks it just isn’t so. Saints, we must get beyond the mindset that we are required to engage in rituals, rote, or rhetoric to get into the throne room of God. We must begin to understand that the just shall live by their faith. Faith and obedience is what opens the door through the veil. Obedience swings the hinges and faith takes us right through to the other side. We simply “enter” into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. We simply “come” before Him and we “are.” We are the sons and daughters of God. We are the chosen ones, called out of darkness into His marvelous light. We are kings and priests unto our God (Rev 1:6). We are everything He says we are plus a bag of chips. We are seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly places (Eph 2:6). A seat speaks of authority. We have a place of authority in Christ behind the veil whereby we govern the earth. We are called to be governors. We are called to change the course of earth. We are called to alter the course of history. We truly are history makers and nation shakers…and it’s all because of whom we are in Him and who He is in us. We discover that symbiotic relationship where we are one in Christ when we get beyond the veil. Enter heaven’s realm today. Change the earth.

For practical tips on how to pass through heaven’s veil on a daily basis, please reference “Passing Through Heaven’s Veil – Part 1″ at

Stay tuned for our audio message series on “Passing Through the Veil” coming soon!

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