Releasing the Prophetic Sound of Regional Transformation

There is a sound in the throne room of God that shifts regions and nations into the purpose of God, opens the prison doors, and sets the captives free. It’s called the “Prophetic Sound of Regional Transformation.”

What is the difference between a song and a sound? A song by definition is a “short metrical composition intended for singing, a musical piece adapted for singing, or the art or act of singing.” So by definition, the noun song usually has to do with singing or playing a musical piece. A song is what we sing on Sunday morning at church during praise or worship time, or it is the piece that the choir sings during the offering, etc.  A sound, however, is much different.  The noun definition of sound is a “noise, a vocal utterance, a musical tone, or the like.” The verb definition is “to make or emit a sound, to give forth a sound as a call or summons; to be heard; to announce, order, or direct; to pronounce, express, or speak freely or frankly.”  It is one thing to sing a song, but it is entirely another thing to release a sound. A song can be hummed, whistled, harmonized, sung, and choreographed.  But a sound is a certain noise or utterance that has to be released.  A sound is something that is trapped in the corridors of heaven that is waiting to be released onto the earth.  A sound is something that emanates from the throne room of God from God, the angels, and the elders around the throne.  A sound is something that transcends heaven’s realm and when it accesses earth’s realm, it becomes a prophetic tone, a prophetic summons, and a prophetic directive that tells the earth what to do.  The sound of heaven controls the rhythm of earth and it directs all things to come into proper order under the dominion of the King.  The sound is not only prophetic; it is also apostolic.  It is judicial.  It is legislative.  It is a divine decree.  It is a sovereign proclamation.

There is a prophetic sound that releases regional transformation.  God has called us, as sons and daughters of God, to govern.  We are called to govern cities, govern regions, govern states, and govern nations.  Many in the Body of Christ, however, live under a shroud of darkness.  In our last post, we called it a veil (or a screen).  There is a thin veil that separates heaven from earth.  There is a thin veil that separates our flesh from our spirit.  There is a thin veil that separates our earth life from our heaven life.  And many in the Body of Christ live shrouded underneath this veil.  They do not know how to pierce the heavenlies.  They do not know how to “be” seated with Christ in heavenly places.  They do not know how to govern the earth and that which affects the affairs of men.  Many in the Body of Christ aren’t in the least little bit governmental.  They are just happy with living status quo, going to church, and being a nice Christian.  However, God is requiring more than “nice” Christianity in the hour which we live.  If you haven’t figure it out yet, we are living in a war zone.  Satan has declared war against The Church since the birth of The Church; however, in recent decades (and especially in America), culture has–under the sway of Satan–also declared war on The True Church!  Culture doesn’t want our God.  Culture doesn’t want The Truth.  Culture doesn’t want to hear what God has to say.  Culture–and those who lead it–is taking us down a fatal path of moral decline, anti-Christ governance, demonically-inspired control systems, and a cycle of debt, bondage, and slavery.  And the worst part is that The Church is just going right along with it.  They don’t know any different.  They can’t see the sinister plans and schemes of Satan that are involved in this process.  The Church just thinks, “hey, as long as you let us live our little make believe life within the system which we have created and as long as you don’t mess with us, then culture can do whatever it wants to do.  It doesn’t affect me.”  But prophetically, God is releasing a different sound in this hour!

Church, listen!  This is what the sound of regional transformation sounds like.  God is saying, “Church, you have fallen away.  You are morally bankrupt.  You have become an apostate system ruled by the carnal desires of man.  You have replaced me with the system of Baal worship.  You have erected altars to your false gods of religion.  You are in darkness, yet you do not know it.  You are asleep.  You are dead.  You have no life in you.  Your worship is rote and in name only.  Your hearts are far from me.  Come back to Me.  Awaken!  Leave your dead, lifeless church systems behind.  Wash your garments in the blood of My dear Son.  Cleanse your hands and purify your minds.” We could go on and on about the message that the sound brings, but the main thing is the power and the authority behind the sound.  The sound originates from God Himself.  He is the One saying these things to the bride.  It is His Spirit that flows through us to release this sound accurately into the atmosphere.  As this sound, this message, and this decree are released into the atmosphere, it prophetically brings forth change.  It literally causes awakening to occur.  It literally invokes change into the region.  It literally breaks off chains.  It literally opens blinded eyes.  It literally awakens the dead–The Church.

As The Church awakens to the sound of heaven, regional transformation begins to occur.  The Bride washes her garments.  The Bride prepares for the Bridegroom.  As the Bride interacts with the Bridegroom, the Bridegroom–Jesus–prepares her for war.  Jesus teaches the Bride–The Church–how to war against His enemies.  Jesus teaches The Church how to rule with Him from a heavenly position of power and authority, bringing all things under His feet.  The Bride was meant to rule and reign with the Bridegroom over the earth and the nations of the earth.  As this prophetic sound is released, the Bride is awakened to this revelation, and she learns how to reign and rule with Jesus.  As The Church once again learns how to reign and rule righteously, then all things on earth come into order.  God raises up righteous leaders who will rule us in government.  God raises up righteous educators who will teach our children the ways of God.  God raises up righteous business men and women who will make billions of dollars to fund the kingdom of God, and who will make disciples of the nations by changing economies, eradicating poverty and disease, and bringing the Gospel to the lost. As The Church reigns and rules, our influence will alter the entertainment industry and we’ll begin to see more righteous expressions of Christ and His Gospel.  Media will be impacted.  The Church will rule over the airwaves.  News will be reported from a righteous viewpoint.  Liberalism and secularism, humanism and socialism will cease to be the order of the day.  Jesus will become the righteous order of the day as He reigns through His Church.  This is the sound of heaven. This is what heaven sounds like and looks like.  The order of earth patterns the order of heaven, but it takes a righteous people who know how to trumpet this sound.  We must release the sound that brings forth regional transformation.  It’s time to unlock the prison doors and let The Church go free!

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3 Responses to “Releasing the Prophetic Sound of Regional Transformation”

  1. Constance says:

    RICH! Once again, you have hit the mark! Blessings to this ministry! I appreciate your sagacious insight, and your willingness to share it!

  2. Tamara says:

    I googled Prophetic sound, because while in prayer, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “Release a prophetic sound in the atmosphere” I had never heard that before and needed to know just what was being said to me…Thank you so much for breaking down just what that phrase means to the body of Christ. I now know what He is charging me to do. God Bless.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Tamara,

    Glad that the article helped. The Body of Christ must release what they are hearing and seeing in the throne room in this hour if we are going to shift our regions, our states, and our nation. Glad that you are hearing and releasing. Keep doing it!

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