Passing Through Heaven’s Veil

Years ago people were taught that heaven was a far and distant land that people went to when they died.  It was a place where the saints went to live with the other saints who had gone before them.  It was a place where God and His angels lived.  It was a celestial place somewhere high in the sky way beyond earth’s realm and the only way to get there was by passing from this life into the next.  And all of this sounded like a very good idea–a boring place–but a good idea.  Then a few years ago we read Randy Alcorn’s book on heaven and we began to receive the revelation that heaven and earth are not that much different.  Both were created by God for God’s pleasure.  Human beings and angels get to live in both worlds.  Both places were heavenly in nature and bore the resemblance of an Almighty God who reigned and ruled there.  And the best part–both were accessible in this life AND the next.

As we continue to walk in this revelation, God is now giving us new understanding regarding the separation between heaven and earth.  Though we used to think that heaven was millions of light years away, we now understand that heaven is not near as far away as we once thought.  As a matter of fact, heaven is very close to earth.  If we could picture it in temporal terms, we might even say that heaven is kissing earth (or touching the earth).  If we could picture it in spiritual terms, we might even draw the conclusion that heaven and earth are actually one enormous realm separated only by a thin veil.

If you research the word “veil” in the New Testament, you will find that the Greek translation of the word means “screen.”  What we understand from this definition is that there is a very thin screen that separates heaven from earth.  It is much like the Tabernacle of Moses in the OT.  In Moses’ Tabernacle, you had the outer court, the inner court, and the holy of holies.  Each of these sections in the tabernacle were designed to interconnect and flow into each other.  Once you got to the holy of holies, the only thing separating it from the holy place was a veil or a sheet as it were.  Only the high priest who had been cleansed by the blood of animals was able to go beyond the veil into the holy of holies and stand before the Ark of the Covenant (God’s most holy presence dwelling among His people).  As born again believers, we fully understand that when Jesus died on the cross, He through His death, once and forever rent the veil between God and man and thus gave us free access to the Father.  So in the spiritual sense of the word, there is no veil between us and God.  The only thing that can really separate us now as born again believers is sinfulness, or living out of our flesh.  In the spirit, through Jesus’ blood, there is no separation.  Theologically, this is a completely sound NT doctrine.  Practically, though, it is much different.

Practically speaking, there is a very thin veil that separates heaven’s realm from earth’s realm.  We understand from Randy Alcorn’s book that heaven is desperately trying to cross through this veil in order to invade earth’s realm.  Jesus is wholeheartedly wanting to come down upon this earth and establish His kingdom.  The problem is not with heaven.  The problem is with us.  Heaven only comes down when we go up.  Heaven only descends when we learn to ascend into that throne room place with God.  Heaven only gets released when we come back down to the earth and bring heaven with us.  Heaven remains locked up until a son of the King learns how to unlock heaven and bring it to the earth.  And there is an art to doing this.  We call this the art of “Passing Through Heaven’s Veil.”

We, as sons of the Most High God must learn how to pierce that veil each and every day and bring heaven to earth.  Many times there is a threshold between heaven’s door and earth’s doorstep that keeps us from piercing the veil.  It is this threshold place that we, as believers, experience the greatest spiritual warfare in our lives.  The enemy fights us tooth and nail in this place in order to keep us out of heaven’s realm.  He brings questioning into our minds.  He brings doubt.  He brings fear.  He brings frustration.  He brings intimidation.  He brings offenses.  He brings hurts.  He brings wounding.  He throws anything and everything that he can possibly throw in order to keep us from passing through the veil.  The reason he does this is because he fully understands that our answers are on the other side of the veil.  There are certain answers, there are certain breakthroughs, and there are certain things that can only be revealed on the other side.  Many times you can throw head knowledge at the problem, ideas and remedies at it, and a wing and a prayer, but you won’t get your answer until you are positioned in heavenly places where you can see from God’s perspective and fully survey the situation.

Heaven is what changes earth.  Heaven is what shifts the affairs of men.  Heaven is earth’s answer.  Heaven is the key.  The eternal is where God lives.  The eternal is where we are called to live.  We are eternal beings.  Our bodies die, but our spiritual man lives on.  We were designed and crafted by God’s own hands to live in an eternal place.  Heaven is that eternal place.  The good news is that you don’t have to die in order to experience it.  You can experience eternity right now.  You can bring heaven to earth.  However, you must first go there yourself.  The key in getting there is to pass through the veil.

A couple of practical ways to pass through heaven’s veil:

  1. Surrender yourself to God.  Give Him everything you are.
  2. Unplug from the world.  Turn off your cell phone, your FaceBook, anything and everything that will distract you from getting into that eternal place with God.
  3. Quiet your mind.  Turn your thoughts off.  The eternal is not found in your mind realm.  It’s found in the spirit realm.
  4. Access the throne room.  The Bible says to come before His presence with singing.  Worship the Lord.
  5. Be quiet.  When you get before Him, listen.  Hear what He is saying.
  6. Release His will into the earth.  What you hear Him saying, you say.  What you see Him doing, you do.  Flow with Him.
  7. Come back to earth and model what you’ve seen.  Build what you see Him building.

Passing through heaven’s veil was one of the secrets of Jesus’ ministry.  It was how He did the miracles that He did.  He lived in the place of the eternal during His earth life.  He got away from the crowds and He tuned into what the Father was doing.  He got into the throne room and He fixed His eyes upon the Father.  He observed what the Father was doing.  He only did His Father’s will.  Once He knew the will of the Father, He came back down to earth and simply exhibited what He saw.  If He saw the Father spitting on the ground, making mud and sticking it on a guy’s eyes, then that’s what He did.  If He saw His Father simply speaking a word and healing the centurion’s servant, then that’s what He did.  If He saw His Father laying hands on the crowd and healing those with infirmities, then that’s what He did.  There was no rhyme or reason to Jesus’ ministry.  There was no formula that you had to figure out.  The key was so simple–learn how to access heaven’s realm and implement God’s heavenly design on the earth.  This, my friends, is how you change the earth.  This is how you cause the earth to line up with heaven’s will.  This is how you affect the affairs of men.  This is how you shift the government in America.  This is how you change the school system.  This is how you heal the sick.  This is how you deliver the oppressed.  This is how you bring reformation to The Church.  This, my friends, is the key to it all.  We must pattern ourself after Jesus.  We have to learn the art of “Passing Through Heaven’s Veil.”

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  3. Michelle says:

    I found this to be a very enlightening article. It makes so much sense, especially regarding Jesus’ accessing of the Father’s Will through the piercing of the Veil and paying attention to what he saw and heard. Thankyou for this fresh perspective.

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