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Spring Semester II
Course: Dominion Mandate

Course Description

Step seven in the Slavery to Sonship Scale is understanding our Dominion Mandate. From Genesis to Revelation we see that God created the Adamic race to rule the Earth with Him as His sons. Understanding our role of dominion is foundational to the liberation of cities and nations from demonic rule and for filling the Earth with God's glory. Without this proper mindset, a Christian's God-given leadership role can lay underdeveloped, allowing evil works to prevail in lives, cities and nations.

In Dominion Mandate, you will learn:

  • What is the kingdom?
  • What is dominion?
  • What is the law of boundaries?
  • What are the challenges to dominion?
  • How do we take cities for God?
  • How do we receive healing and deliverance through dominion?
  • How do we take dominion through prosperity and influence?
  • How do we become a church prepared to rule?
  • How do we come into unity?
  • How do we recognize unbiblical doctrines in the church?

Course Dates

Mar 27 - May 29, 2018

Course Format

In-class (Tuesdays at 6:30 pm) or online

Course Schedule

Mar 27 Mantled for Dominion
April 3 The Church and the Kingdom
April 10 Conflict at the Gates and the Law of Boundaries
April 17 Identifying Challenges to Dominion
April 24 Taking Cities and Nations: The Incarnation Reformation
May 8 Dominion: Healing and Deliverance
May 15 The Dominion of Blessing vs. Curses
May 22 Dominion Through Prosperity and Influence
May 29 A Church Prepared to Rule


$200 - In Class Students
$300 - Online Students


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