Our Mission

Our Vision

KingdomLife is an international church and Bible training center that develops mature followers of Jesus Christ. Based on a fathering model, we are a genuine spiritual home where believers are loved, affirmed, nurtured, matured, trained, and equipped to engage their unique kingdom assignments with confidence and faith.

Our Mission

Our mission is to extend God's kingdom into culture through mature sons and daughters.

We Are A Family

At KingdomLife, we do not simply ATTEND church; we ARE the Church. As the Church we exhibit this unique concept in a threefold expression. First, we are a family. Family first began in heaven with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It then expanded into the Garden of Eden with the creation of Adam and Eve and the subsequent addition of offspring. From this original family unit came the inhabitants of all the earth. Family therefore, is the fundamental focus of KingdomLife. Identity, purpose, and destiny always begins at the family level.

We Are An Army

Second, we are the army of God. As an army, we are committed to training and equipping the generations for their life assignments. In keeping with the original intent of scripture, training is the responsibility of the fathers and mothers of the faith. Spiritual parenting, therefore, is an integral part of what we do at KingdomLife. Formal training is made available through KingdomLife International Bible College, and informal training is made available through Sunday gatherings and mid-week gatherings.

We Are An Apostolic Center

Third, we are apostolic. We teach that everyone has an assignment to be light and salt in every arena and dynamic of society. Whether at home, in the marketplace, or in the nations, we are a kingdom-minded people endeavoring to be living epistles that reflect the nature and character of our Father in heaven through our relationship with Jesus Christ. From the neighborhood to the nations, our mission field encompasses every level of daily living. Our mandate, therefore, is to exercise our God-given influence to change the culture around us and restore God’s original design for mankind according to Genesis 1:28.

We Believe in Spiritual Alignment

At KingdomLife, we are aware of the necessity for alignment for both protection and accountability. Accordingly, our spiritual covering is through the Federation of Ministers and Churches International, which is led by Apostle Jim Hodges. We have been in fellowship with and accountable to Apostle Jim since 2001.

There is a Seat for You!

There is a seat for you at the Father’s table! Whether you are called to fivefold ministry, marketplace ministry, or body ministry, we welcome you to take your seat at KingdomLife as together we impact the culture for the glory of Jesus Christ.

For More Information

For more information about how our ministry model works, please purchase a copy of our book KingdomLife: Finding Life Beyond Church by clicking here.

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